Document Management Services

Customer can be ensured that our electronic document capturing and output system processes are in accordance to Singapore Evidence Act (Computer Output Regulation), which means that those electronic documents now can be recognised as authenticated documents and can be admitted as evidence in Singapore Court. Customer no longer required to store any physical documents, which can be a substantial cost saving for customer.

  • Save storage cost

  • Quick access and efficient retrieval of documents

  • Better manage and ability to share office documents online

  • Better protection of confidential documents via access rights

  • Improve overall productivity and efficiency

What is Evidence Transactional Act (ETA)?

ETA applies to an electronic/paperless environment. It ensure that the original information given has not been manipulated when sent to customers.

An electronic record becomes a “secure electronic record” if security is applied to it.

ETA makes the law recognise secure electronic records as admissible evidence in the court of law and the secure electronic watermark/signature as a stamp of identity.


Our processes are audited and certified by Pricewaterhouse Coopers LLP (PWC is appointed by the Ministry of Law as a Certifying Authority under Section 116A of the Evidence Act) in 14 July 2011.

All electronic documents capturing and output system processes are in accordance to Singapore Evidence Act (Computer Output Regulations).

All digital documents with digital signature are recognised as AUTHENTICATED documents or certified true copies and can be admitted as EVIDENCE in Singapore Court of Law. The challenging party will have to proof that documents are not authenticated.

We also offer additional security features such as watermark, digital signature and many others. These features applied to those documents scanned under the requirement of Evidence Act.

Applications For Various Documents
  • Purchase Orders

  • Invoices and Delivery Orders

  • Survey Forms

  • Application Forms (Credit Cards/Membership)

  • Contracts or any Legal Documents

  • Insurance Policy and Claim Forms or Medical Reports

Those documents that do not require Evidence Act are also processed in a secure environment to ensure confidentiality throughout.

Documents are captured and indexed in a well-constructed way and are stored in a cost effective media such as CD-ROM or DVD for the ease of retrieval.


1) Sort

  • Ensure documents accountability

  • Removal from folders

  • Removal of staple

  • Flattening/labelling of documents

2) Scan

  • Includes image cropping, de-skewing and filtering

  • Output files e.g: TIFF, PDF or etc

3) Index

  • Such as reference no, client name, specific ID or etc

  • Barcode data

4) QC

  • Check if images are in requested specifications

  • Check on image quality

  • Final validation by system to ensure all in order

5) Archive

  • CD-R, DVD, server, FTP or etc