Secured Storage and Shredding Services

TESG launches Secured Storage and Shredding Services

In Singapore, where digital technology is advancing at a fast pace, the business of converting paper documents into PDF format is rapidly expanding.

As a market leader in document management, TESG has launched a new BPO business that provides seamless total solutions to customers in both paper and digital by offering not only digitization of documents but also storage and disposal (shredding).

As digitization progresses, the storage of documents is becoming an important issue. To address this, TESG has launched a storage management service that offer superior accessibility and flexibility so that customers can focus on their core business.

According to statistics from Singapore’s National Environment Agency, the largest waste stream in 2020 was paper, amounting to about 1.14 million tons. The shredding business is a promising business not only for environment but also for confidentiality.

TESG’s Secured Storage and Shredding Services, which combines document digitization, storage management and secure shredding services, is a simple yet highly secure end-to-end service.

We aim to grow this promising service in the future.

  • Documents are stored in secured location

  • Systems to track documents lifecycle

  • Carton box is secured with serialized cable tie

  • Secure destruction of P5 Security DIN standard

    • DIN Protection Class: 2 and 3

    • Security Rating: High

    • Particle size: < 30 mm2 / 0.05 in2

    • Particle width: < 2 mm / 0.08 in

    • After shredding an A4 document: 2,079+ particles

  • Provide Certificate of Destruction for added assurance